Message from the President

Committed to delivering progressive technologies for the future

Naigai Industries, Inc., is an engineering company that comprehensively develops production facilities in the food industry from design to construction and offers ongoing maintenance. We have used our advanced technology and know-how in the fields of industrial air conditioning, gas combustion, and energy-saving equipment to earn the trust of our domestic and overseas food manufacturing customers. In the 75 years since our founding, we have met our customers’ growing needs, and we will continue to provide the “living technology” that they demand and into the future.
The spirit of our engineers who confront each job with new ideas and technological capabilities will never change.

In our an insatiable search for technological advancement, we work to improve overall management quality by strengthening our management base employing mark-to-market accounting, which we built over a quarter of a century ahead of our time.

Going forward, we will continue to contribute to society and exceed industry expectations by developing technologies that reduce environmental impact, including measures to combat global warming, develop energy-efficient plant facilities, and contribute to food safety.

Katsumasa Hayashi, President and CEO