Our Expertise

Strong Bonds Established upon Technology and Trust

We develop and deliver optimal products and technologies through our dedicated manufacturing.

Since its incorporation, Naigai Industries has served many major players in food and food container manufacturing, been deeply involved in their production lines and earned their confidence over the years.
We are adept at understanding precise requirements to every single production line and offering optimal plans with state-of-the-art technology. We confidently provide inclusive services that encompass design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.
We focus on customers’ needs, paying close attention to all concerns and requirements, and maintaining close communication at all times. As a partner, we embrace the challenges of technological innovations to reward their expectations.

  • Air-conditioning Systems
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Food Manufacturing Plants
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Combustion Equipment

Our unique approach to commitment: to pursue the development through close communication with customers

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Pilot run
  • Maintenance

Energy Saving Technology
by Naigai Industries

To ensure the finite energy is put to best use, Naigai Industries offers our customers
the facilities that meet their specification and environmental needs
and works with them so that they can develop energy-efficient business assets.

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