Food Manufacturing Plants

We provide to diverse needs of food-related plants by supplying facilities and equipment that support the production of safe and high-quality products, including production plants for beverages and edible oils, processing plants for margarine and other oils and fats, and liquid blending equipment.

Fermentation and Aging Equipment

We offer a comprehensive solution for fermentation and aging rooms, complete with production line reviews, planning and design, installation, measurement of operational data and maintenance. They consist of the air-conditioning system that maintains the in-room temperature and humidity optimized for fermentation/aging, clean rooms and auxiliary equipment. Measures such as insect/pest control and prevention of contamination are addressed, and the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and American Institute of Baking (AIB) standards are taken into account.

Secondary fermentation chambers

Beverage Production Equipment (beer, wine and soft drinks)

We design, install, test run and provide maintenance of refrigeration units for soft drink and wine cooling systems (scraper type heat exchanger) which are imported by customers. We select appropriate coolants, including natural variants, and provide our customers with refrigeration machines suitable for the cooling load for their products.

Refrigeration unit for a cooling system

Equipment for Edible Oils and Syrups

We design fluid conveyance systems to transfer highly viscous fluid products at ideal temperatures and in ideal conditions. To this end, we select appropriate fluid conveyors, systematize constant feeding, and identify the optimal heating system (electrical or hot water system) based on the utilities installed at the production site.

Equipment for edible oil production
Equipment for edible oil production

Margarine Production Equipment

We develop a total facility plan according to our customer’s requirements from the storing and blending of raw material oils to cooling products. Our process of taking customer requirements and proposing solutions is part of our approach to delivering higher quality products and services.
In this way, we provide a composite system that includes raw material oil tanks, blending tanks (sanitary model), pumps of various styles and heating/cooling equipment.

Margarine production equipment
Margarine production equipment

Blending Equipment

Through the combination of customer know-how in food manufacturing and Naigai Industries’ expertise in equipment, we propose the solutions most suitable for their food manufacturing processes. From tank design to the selection of pumps and heat exchangers, as well as the construction of pipelines, electrical instrumentation and sequence control, we plan, design and install every detail according to customer products.

Equipment for blending immersion liquids for food processing
Equipment for blending immersion liquids for food processing

Our performance in this business area

Food manufacturer’s plant (Ibaraki prefecture)
Constructed a system of blending immersion liquids for food processing
Food manufacturer’s plant (Chiba prefecture)
Constructed a edible oil blending line
Food manufacturer’s plant (Tokyo)
Introduced a edible oil cooling system

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