Air-conditioning Systems

Naigai Industries delivers experience-backed solutions to meet diverse needs, from air-conditioning systems for food production—which demand unique expertise in the field of food manufacturing—to other industrial air conditioners as well as refrigeration solutions.

Industrial air conditioners

Air-conditioning for production lines has the purposes of ensuring high product quality, enhancing productivity and creating a comfortable workplace environment for operators.
Systems on an industrial scale require planning and designing different from standard household air conditioners as they typically handle a considerable amount of heat and ventilation.
Based on our extensive experience, we promote optimal production lines with low running cost, and we provide one-stop support including review of the production lines, planning, design, installation, measurement of run data, including maintenance and service.

Air conditioner designed for a blow molding machine

Air-conditioning Systems for Food Manufacturing Lines

We plan, design and install food production lines that are suitable for each product, taking into account good manufacturing practice (GMP), hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and American Institute of Baking (AIB) standards, as well as protection against insects, pests and contaminants.

Air-conditioning system for a food manufacturing line

Air conditioners for Fermentation and Aging Rooms

We plan, design and install fermentation and aging rooms for food manufacturing lines where processes involve fermentation and/or aging of the ingredients, as in making breads and confectioneries.
The use of heat insulation panels maintains stable and uniform distribution of ambient temperature and humidity inside the rooms.

Air conditioner for fermentation room
Air conditioner for fermentation room

General air conditioners

We can deliver a wide range of solutions, from individual air-conditioning units such as multi-air conditioners for large buildings and heat pump air conditioners to central, large temperature differential air conditioners with ultra-high performance heat source equipment.
To ensure the creation of an optimal environment that meets various requirements and saves energy, we conduct load analysis and review equipment for its suitability to the structure and purpose of the room.

Stand-alone air conditioner

Refrigeration Equipment

Benefiting from the proximity of our office to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market , we have long supplied refrigeration equipment for storing fish and other seafood.
We continue to supply safe, stable and reliable equipment while applying the refrigeration technology we have developed over the years to special cooling needs, such as direct expansion equipment required for processing food and other products.

Cooling tunnel equipment
Inside the cooling tunnel equipment

Refrigeration Machines

For customers who hold large-scale refrigeration machines in their food manufacturing plants, we advise on how to best the customers use to meet their particular requirements. Taking a holistic approach to design, installation and maintenance, we select the most appropriate model and provide a system that satisfies specific customer needs, such as reduced environmental impact, energy savings, low cost, shorter installation period, simpler maintenance and extended periods of operation.
The systems we build satisfy every customer need, including such features as natural CFC-free refrigerants, high operational efficiency, inverter functions, quantity control, control of heat capacity and temperature, as well as exhaust heat recycling.

Brine chiller

Our performance in this business area

Food/beverage container manufacturers’ plants (Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures)
Delivered industrial air conditioners
Plants of beverage filling machinery manufacturers (Miyagi and Saga prefectures)
Delivered cold thermal storage systems and industrial air conditioners
General/beverage container manufacturers’ plants (Ibaraki and Osaka prefectures)
Delivered cold thermal storage systems and industrial air conditioners

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