Combustion Equipment

We design and build combustion equipment ranging from ovens to deodorizing equipment and rice cookers. Our original-design electric heating shrink oven is a groundbreaking solution for many in-plant challenges.

Gas Combustion Equipment

Our gas combustion equipment is compatible with both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the mainstream fuels of today, and utilizes combustion heat economically. The heat exchanger option enables to produce high-temperature fresh air, steam and hot water. The systems we manufacture deliver safe and reliable combustion, tailored to specific customer requirements.

Burner System with Secondary-air Supply Pipe

The burner system with secondary-air supply pipe is Naigai Industries’ proprietary design with a reputation of energy savings, reduced cost and long service life. It is incorporated in many bread/confectionery ovens.
Take a look at Baking and Confectionery Equipment for more information. For confectionery oven system, please refer to our affiliate Naigai Vicars website.

Heating and Drying Equipment (Ovens)

We consistently design, manufacture, install and service a range of ovens for heating, drying and baking with either a gas combustion system or electric heaters. Our portfolio includes a range from small test equipment to large production units.
We strive to provide the optimal ovens for every customer in terms of productivity, plant layout, safety features, product quality, maintenance and energy savings.


Deodorizing Equipment

Our equipment applies combustion to fumes released while drying coated or printed materials in order to remove odor and other hazardous elements, preventing air pollution.
We develop combustion units that can operate at relatively low temperatures through the use of catalysts to save energy. In addition, we incorporate technology that enables the reuse exhaust of heat (waste heat recovery) to create the most suitable equipment for the volume of exhaust and the type and amount of organic solvents.

Deodorizing equipment

Electric Heating Shrink Ovens

Shrink wrapping for metal and other products traditionally uses electric heaters. Our shrink wrap machine offers features that are highly advanced compared to conventional shrink ovens.

Advantage 1: High energy-saving performance

The atmosphere stabilizer fan constantly circulates the heated air inside the hood, which has a dual-panel structure for better insulating performance. It controls internal air temperature to ensure that the heat does not exceed the level required for shrinking the film.

Advantage 2: Clean finish

The heating component is divided into blocks, which can individually be controlled to heat the film in the most suitable mode at the best temperature to reduce wrinkles. Our ovens also come with a sleeve heater equipped with reflection mirrors delivering quick sleeve heating/shrinking performance.

Advantage 3: Simple operation

The 4-point electric actuator for lifting/lowering the hood results in a stable drive for the movements, making the unit safe and easy to operate. In typical on-site use, its operation involves no more than turning the machine on at the start, and off at the end.

Advantage 4: Compatibility with existing systems

Naigai Industries’ shrink ovens are designed to be compatible with existing ovens. It is possible to replace only the oven without changing the layout of the machine in the front and/or back of the shrink oven.

Shrink wrapping unit

Research Ovens (Heating and Drying Ovens for Research Purposes)

Our research ovens incorporate our gas combustion method, and the hot air circulation system ensures uniform temperature distribution so that the test products are heated evenly.
Operation is easy with a touch-sensor control panel. Diverse options are available, from material selection (steel, aluminum, etc.) and processing dimensions to heating temperatures, in order to best meet every single customer request and requirement.

Research oven

Our performance in this business area

Food container manufacturer’s plant (Aichi prefecture)
Delivered a combustion system
Beverage container manufacturers’ plants
(Hokkaido and prefectures of Miyagi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Osaka, Hiroshima and Saga)
Delivered combustion systems

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