Cogeneration System for Manufacturing Plants

Case study in the cogeneration business area

Customer’s Issue

Need to improve energy efficiency in view of contributions toward sustainable society and develop a business opportunity plan (BCP) for swift recovery and continuity of business operations in the event of natural/human disasters

Solution and Outcome

Offering cogeneration systems for plants as an option to realize energy saving and better BCP

Cogeneration being considered as an option to realize energy saving and develop better BCP

There are some common issues among customers for considering the introduction of a cogeneration system into their operations. One of them is the need for enhanced energy efficiency. Unlike the grid-sourced electricity, which necessarily involves power losses, the cogeneration system can deliver excellent overall energy efficiency through the gas-fueled, on-site generation. Its exhaust heat recovery feature also provides the efficiency up to 75 to 85%, which is unmistakably superior to the standard electric power sources, whose efficiency is between 40 and 45% in general.

Another issue is the need to develop BCP. Natural disasters caused by earthquakes and mega-typhoons bring about considerable damage in local communities , and utilities play a crucial role in the response to, and recovery from, these disasters. Electricity has a particularly significant impact on plant operations, with any blackout compromising their production capacities considerably. By contrast, the gas mains, which are buried underground, are robust enough to withstand the shock of powerful earthquakes. Introducing a gas cogeneration system will enable plant operators to minimize the risk of losing production capacities at times of disasters. It also gives the plant an option to serve as an evacuation point for local residents.

Naoya Asari, Manager, Department #1, Division of Engineering and Sales II

Twenty years of experience and expertise

The solution we offer is a combination of a power generator and exhaust heat recovery system coupled with some suggestions about different use to which the recovered heat may be put. Utilizing the gas supplied by major gas utility companies, the electricity is generated either by running a gas engine or a gas turbine driven by a gas burner. As for the exhaust heat recovery, we can offer options to suit the needs of each customer, such as heating water using a heat exchanger. In this way, we provide inclusive services from planning to design and installation for our customers.

Naigai Industries has 20 years of experience in cogeneration systems, which is the basis of our expert know-how in this area. This is why we are able to offer system introduction at affordable prices. These are our unparalleled advantages. On top of this, we assign our staff with consigned work technical management qualification to every work. They oversee the progress to ensure safe and secure implementation. I am glad to say that we have many happy customers who enjoy the benefits of the cogeneration systems we delivered.

Bringing cogeneration into the future for a sustainable

Today, SDGs and other initiatives are pursued proactively everywhere in an effort to achieve sustainable society. Technology in photovoltaic, wind power and other natural generations has been explored, but these modalities face the challenge of stabilizing power supply against unpredictable conditions of nature. Against this backdrop, Gas-powered cogeneration systems can play a crucial supporting role in compensating for the fluctuations of natural energies. Presently, the Japanese government provides an array of subsidies to promote the adoption of cogeneration systems by enterprises. We remain enthusiastic about this technology and its diffusion to play a part in the efforts to turn sustainable society into reality.

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