Our SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

Naigai Industries is committed to the attainment of SDGs and sustainable society, for which we address various social issues through our business activities.

ISO-standard Quality, the Environment, and Occupational Safety and Health

ISO-standard quality assurance

We received ISO 9001 certification in March 2016, recognizing our groupwide quality management system. This reiterates our approach as a technology development group to deliver the quality that our customers demand.

ISO-standard environmental awareness

We received ISO 14001 certification in March 2016. Our environmental management activities are based on the environmental management system we have developed and implement consistently throughout the Group.

ISO-standard occupational safety and health practices

We received to ISO 45001 certification in March 2022 in recognition of our groupwide management system for occupational safety and health. We place safety in work above all else and pursue health and safety practices meticulously.
We will further develop and enhance our management capabilities to pursue the above business practices. We will continue to make every effort to minimize our consumption of resources by striving to reduce the weight of the equipment we manufacture and the facilities we construct.
We will also design and develop our products with careful consideration for their environmental impact throughout their life cycles.
It is our belief that our contributions in attaining the SDGs are partially made through our equipment and facilities being used by customers.

Talent Development and Personnel Training

Employee training programs

We provide our employees with opportunities through which they improve their technical and specialist competences efficiently and effectively to bolster their abilities in performance.

Support for attaining qualifications

We have schemes in place to encourage and support our employees to attain qualifications for self-betterment.

Initiatives for Society


Donations represent our initiatives for making social contributions.

  • We donate funds toward supporting education and research in schools as well as student scholarships.
  • We donate funds to a not-for-profit foundation, Nanki Ikueikai, toward their student grant funds.
  • We make regular donations to Japan Red Cross Society.
  • We donate funds toward Foundation for International Development/Relief.
  • Through an advertisement at the Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval (an indoor speed skating rink), we support the activities of the Obihiro City Foundation for the promotion of sports and culture.

Promotion of road safety

As a member of the Traffic Safety Association by the Tsukiji Police Station, we participate in the regular community watch for road safety.

Compliance in Business Management


We comply with laws and regulations, and conduct ourselves respecting social and other relevant rules.
In our accounting, we adopt and thoroughly implement appropriate accounting practices, thereby maintaining a sound financial structure for the company.
We remain diligent in our efforts to ensure compliance and corporate soundness, always striving to improve the efficiency of our business management.